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I will be teaching a book arts seminar, BOOK ICELAND, at the Gullkistan Center for Creativity in Iceland, June 18 – 29, 2018.  If interested in exploring the book form and hearing about Iceland—its book culture & history, weather & diverse landscapes, check out this seminar at or click the icon above.



Artist Books: Tiers Asunder


Tiers Asunder_1 – 5.

Tiers Asunder_1 – 5.

Tiers Asunder_1 – 5,  2017.  Artist Books: intaglio & letterpress prints on acid stained kitikata paper, book board & cloth, cave paper and miscellaneous papers bound in drum leaf book structure.

Tiers Asunder_1.      6.25 x 10.5 x .25 inches

Tiers Asunder_1.    Title Page.

Tiers Asunder was inspired by a photograph that I found rummaging through family heirloom photo albums―an image of an aircraft carrier, the Enterprise, on which my grandfather was one of its captains during WWII.  During his term, a Kami Kazi pilot (whose childhood nickname was Eyeballs) bombed the carrier.  The pilot died with 13 others that day. The photo documents the hole in the carrier’s deck from the explosion with the crew standing by.  The image held me as I reflected on the space created by the destructive act—an opening for exploration and a suggestion on how to proceed with the work. My intent was not to make an artist book about this narrative but to use elements of it to create an experience.


Tiers Asunder_1. Page Spread.

Tiers Asunder_1.   Page Spread.

Tiers Asunder_1.   Page Spread.

Tiers Asunder_1. Page Spread.

Tiers Asunder_1.   Page Spread.



Tiers Asunder_1. Page Spread.



Process is content. To speak to the destructive act, I intentionally dirtied the papers for the book pages using a process I coined “negative conservation”.  I recalled once watching a paper conservator remove acid stains from artwork―a washing process that left acid tide lines on the support material. I saw the byproduct of the practice as a way to stain the kitikata papers for this book.

Tiers Asunder_1. Page Spread.

Tiers Asunder_1. Page Spread.

Tiers Asunder_1. Page Spread.


While binding book #3, glue seeped through and soiled the end sheets.  Unexpected, unintended, what I now refer to as an ath’wart, and a pause, I asked, “How does this mark contribute to the whole?” I thank judi goldberg for use of her words*—and response to my question.

*all ways know―

ing the right of it some

times spoils the


Tiers Asunder_3.    End Sheet.







North Bay Letterpress Arts: Spring 2017 Workshops

Classes in letterpress & book arts at the Iota Printshop in Sebastopol begin in March and will run until June 11th.  There are five sessions of basic letterpress craft, and three others exploring bindings and unusual printmaking methods. The roster follows:

March 11th, 10 – 5: Pressure Printing  with Lisa Rappoport

March 25,   10 – 5:  Solar Plate Printmaking  with Jami Taback

April  23,  1 – 5:  Drum Leaf Binding  with Brooke Holve*

May 6,   1 – 5:  Letterpress, printing poetry  with Eric Johnson

May 7,    1 – 5:  Letterpress, Mother’s Day Cards with Katie Nealon

May 27,  1 – 5:  Letterpress Fundamentals  with Eric Johnson

June 11,  1 – 5:  Letterpress, Father’s Day Cards with Katie Nealon

All  workshops are held at the Iota Printshop in Sebastopol, amongst over 200 fonts of wood & metal type and vintage presses.  For more information and to register: click northbayletterpressarts


*Note that I will be teaching the Drum Leaf Binding class on April 23rd.

Drum Leaf Binding Workshop

Learn the Drum Leaf Binding structure,

a contemporary binding designed to display artwork in a book format.

It is an adhesive-based structure (no sewing) that opens flat for full page spreads.

I will be teaching this workshop

Sunday, April 23rd; 1 – 5pm

at the Iota Printshop on

925-D Gravenstein Highway South Sebastopol, CA

For more information and to register, click:

North Bay Letterpress Arts




NOTE: There is still space available in the book arts seminar, BOOK ICELAND; application deadline is February 15, 2017.   For more information, check out:


I will be teaching a book arts seminar, BOOK ICELAND,  at the Gullkistan  Center for Creativity  in Iceland during June of 2017.  If interested in exploring the book form and learning about Iceland – its book culture & history, weather and diverse landscape, sign up for this seminar at

This will be my fourth trip to Iceland (my third time to Gullkistan) and I have written some on each of those trips. For more on Iceland, check out some of my earlier blog entries:  June & July of 2012 and August of 2016.







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