A Bed of verbs

2014; edition of 4.
Artist Book with clamshell box and bedsprings: Digital prints on Moab Entrada 190 rag paper & metal coated papers.
9.75 x 5.25 x 1 inches (closed box)

Artists: Brooke Holve & Elizabeth Sher.

Holve and Sher traveled to Iceland for an artist residency during the summer of 2012. They were awed by what they saw. The geological wonders and phantasmal forms gave them a glimpse of what the earth might have been like in its beginnings. Iceland was a "land of the verb" with underground rumblings randomly spewing out as steam, lava, and rocks through pockets of the earth.

Verbs: burns, chills, churns, coils, cracks, crusts, cuts, erupts, oozes, pads, posts, roots, scalds, scrape, spews, sprays, steams, bhedh.