A MUSEUM ÷ 2 = Whet
Knows: Paintings in

Installation of calligraphic play merging 2-D and 3-D letterform structures with large oil paintings of calligraphic gesture: oil paint, canvas, book board, string, gesso, found objects.

Artists: Brooke Holve & Kim Collet


Tennyson once wrote, “All the charm of all the muses often flowering in a lonely word.”

I met the artist, Kim Collet. We discovered that we shared a common interest in the visual expression of words and decided to collaborate on a project. As a beginning, we chose a word, “museum” to reflect upon. We also chose to paint with oils, a medium that we had never used. With the words as a focus, we created an installation, interacting continuously through conversations and paint. The conversations varied as the muses took us many places and we explored new territories informed by writings of the turn-of-the-century author, Dorothy Richardson on punctuation and repetition, San Francisco abstract expressionism, and dreams.