Book Blinks

Mixed Media Constructions: book
board, cloth & covers, silk-screened
& dyed organza silk


We construct our own reality, affected by what we see, read, hear, and experience.

I have explored media-based materials: text, photographs, prints and computer, and have become sensitive to how they act as screens. Photography tweaked my curiosity about light. Light can be used to reveal things (most think about it this way). However, today with electronic media, we look directly into it. I am interested in other dimensions of light: i.e. what happens in reduced light when our senses become more alert and sensitized, triggering a different perceptual space, and how light obscures and dematerialize objects and make them appear less solid and transparent—altering perceptions by “seeing through”.

With light in mind, I started to print on transparent materials including papers and organza silk. I then layered the two with an interest in what perceptual shifts occur as they interacted. I used alternative printmaking and photographic processes to create the images.