Five Mixed Media Constructions: book
cover, cloth & pages, digital &
letterpress prints, graphite, scotch
tape, Chicago screws & posts,
rusty iron frames.
Ea: 7 x 10.33 x 1 inches


Powers That Be was inspired by a photograph that I found rummaging through family heirloom photo albums—an image of the aircraft carrier, the Enterprise, on which my grandfather was one of its captains during WWII. During his term, a Kami Kazi pilot bombed the carrier. The photo documents the hole in its deck from the explosion with the crew standing by. The image held me as I reflected on the space created by the destructive act; the hole became an opening for exploration. Following the cue of the destructive act, I deconstructed the photo, cutting out parts, enlarging some while reducing others. I printed the image fragments onto old book pages and covers, cultural artifacts like the WWII image in today's technological world. I hoped to transform these historical materials into an object that conveyed the emptiness of loss that comes from war.