ath'wart (front) 1.jpg

ath’ wart

Leaflet: letterpress printed. 
5 x 5 inches.

An ath'wart story:
Why would anyone make something like that!  A derogatory statement once made by my father when I was an adolescent in the back seat of a car that he was driving. We had just passed an enormous abstract sculptural form that stood at the entrance of a university.

I started to wonder.

Why would anyone make something like that?
Little did I know at the time, that inverting a statement to a question was an act of transgression and the beginning of a life as an artist.

So in an odd way, it makes sense that I began this work exploring words since words are the materials that made the question. And words are symbols that can function as images. Their visual texture, shapes, sounds, and colors are more important to me than their meanings.  However, meaning can offer an entrance into the making and viewing of the work.