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Long Look


Exhibition: Process & Place, The Transformative Potential of
Artist Residencies. Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley
Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA
Installation: book covers, book cloth and board, silk-screened organza silk, mirrors, paper prints, concrete, 4x4 posts, Reader's Digest books, found objects
172 x 67 x 20 inches

Like the windswept landscape of New Zealand, my experiences were shaped by the wind as I lived through New Zealand's coldest and windiest spring ('06) and summer ('07) in 60 years. At least that is what the locals told me. On a beach near Wellington I encountered a massive rock wall with concave egg-like patterns that had been shaped by the salty winds. The weathered rock captured my imagination. The residency at New Pacific Studio gave me the place, space and time to explore its shapes. Like the wind, the exploration is ongoing and unfinished as I continue to work with wind and rock as metaphors. My work reflects what happens when the two meet.