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CUTS from speech: A

A. Mixed Media: book board, letterpress on discarded book cloth, found debris, yarn, discarded
books, 4 x 4 block.
18 x 6.5 x 8.75 inches.


Cuts From Speech: the

The_1 - 52. Installation. Mixed Media: cut book covers
Ea. 12.25 x 8.5 inches (framed) 


About articles : A and the

Articles determine in that they are determining words. They are passwords that let you in and out of the definite. They are also watchwords that can help you reach determined or undetermined ends.

Articles make you someone.  If you do not want to be someone, do not use one.

Articles are little words that come in front of nouns and make them definite or indefinite.  They are very unassuming and are few in number.  They can draw things out of and into the definite.  So they matter a lot. There is a difference between “a word” and “the word”.

Articles do best in fog, in gas deposits, in transition and threshold areas, random regions,  borderlands, and grey zones. They crop up and are found everywhere.

More on the:
The can be pronounced with a long or short ‘e’ sound depending on its usage.
The is the most commonly used word in the English language.
As an adjective or adverb, it is a part of speech; it is also needed to mark a noun.
As an article it is a determiner that makes the indefinite definite. So “the” matters a lot.
And in the English language it matters a lot. But not so with many Asian languages that do not have this word.