The LINE: National Juried Printmaking Exhibition

The LINE: National Juried Printmaking Exhibition   November 4th - December 1, 2011

Juror: John Risseeuw, Professor at Arizona State University


Prescott College Art Gallery  at Sam Hill Warehouse

232 N. Granite St. Prescott, Arizona 86301  928-2341

Hours:  Tuesday  - Saturday  11 - 3


I was pleased to have these three pieces selected for this exhibit:

Mixed Media Box Construction

Cover Book with Coptic Binding

Mixed Media: xerox transfer print on algae, book covers


A line leaves a memory.  Whether you  find

one in a drawing, a book, or on a map, each

tell a story of an energy, a movement

in a time and space that elicits

traces of feeling and  thought.


I place drawn and printed lines in a context

using materials that elicit multiple associations.

Like old and used books, vessels

of knowledge and information. Artifacts today

as many are discarded and replaced with digital

delivery systems like the internet and e-books.


And like the weather maps of New Zealand

that reveal mutable patterns of highs and lows.  Fleeting

winds that shaped a landscape and people of a region.

Unpredictable like the appearance of algae.

Conditions were ripe.


Algae that I found floating on the surface of a river in Northern California.

A felt field of matted and knotted threads.

A pad of mottled greens used as  material for my work.

I culled sheets of it to dry and printed wind maps on its surface.


I hope that the artwork evokes these feelings of change through

the materials and the language of line.