Walking my GPS and Marking Territory

I have arrived. Iceland feels like New Zealand, another island with volcanoes, changeable weather, expansive landscape and skies. I am living in a small resort town called Laugarvatn, which means "bathing lake".   No soaking experiences yet but plan to visit a hot springs soon! I have settled into an apartment in town, sharing facilities with Elizabeth Sher, an artist from Berkeley, Ca.  We have a view of the lake and Mt. Hekla, an active volcano with its last eruption in Feb of 2000.  Apparently there have been signs that it is close to a new eruption. My studio is located at the Eyvindartunga farm, about a mile away.  We walk there daily.  Yesterday, I began my tracking project.  Before I left Ca, I purchased a Garmin GPSmap 62, thinking that this might be a way to incorporate walking into my artistic practice. Yesterday, I tracked my first walk, documenting a tour around Laugarvatn, between the town and Eyvindartunga farm and then around the farm. I plan  to continue tracking my walks, collecting their shapes for my artwork.  Must wait to see how they will be used?  And I still have some figuring out to do.  Thought we were residing in the southwest part of Iceland but gps is locating me in the northeast.  Notice the pink dot on map.  Where am I?

still figuring out gps