Baking Bread the Icelandic Way








As Liz said, "It's fine eating the same thing each day but we are!"

Until we were treated to an Icelandic tradition, baking hverabrauð underground in a geothermal area. Kristveig, one of the directors of Gullkistan's artist residency demonstrated the making and baking of hverabrauð, a rich brown rye bread made with "lyftiduft", the Icelandic word for baking powder that sounds like "lifting up".  Once the batter was made, it was spooned into greased containers of what was around, a milk carton and a bacardi can. They were sealed well with cellophane, plastic wrap and tape, then taken to the lakeside where we dug two holes and buried each. The following day, after 24 hours of cooking, we unearthed, unwrapped and enjoyed a feast of hverabrauð and butter with smoke salmon and trout.

making hverabraud















baking hverabraud