"Weather Reports You"

Roni Horn's ongoing project: a collection of stories about the weather in Iceland from Icelandic people. I am interested in how other artists think about weather in their work.  Since my travels to New Zealand in '06 and '07, one of their coldest and windiest springs and summers in 60 years, I began to reflect on wind as a metaphor for conditions of change and also started to collect their weather maps.  Since then I have continued to collect maps  from places I visited (Iceland examples below).   And last  year I also  started a list of Icelandic words that qualify the differing conditions of wind.  This year I added a few to the list.

vindur- wind

stormur - heavy wind

rok - hard wind

moldrok - strong wind with earth

sandrok - strong wind with sand

fárviðri - crazy wind, tempest, typhoon

gola - breeze

gjóla - medium breeze

hvassviðri - strong breeze

logn - no wind

andvari - breath

kaldi - a cold chilly breeze

stinningskaldi - ice cold wind

fellibylur - hurricane

hnúkaÞeyr - warm mountain wind flowing from south to north

norðangarri - cold north to south wind

sunnanblær - southern breeze

gustur - gust of wind

austankaldir - east cold wind

hvasst - medium strong wind

strekkingur - medium wind

blástur - blast  "It is blowing/windy."

hvirfilvindur - tornado

sviptivindur - sudden strong winds, common around steep mountains

staðvindur - trade winds common to a region

skafrenningur - wind that blows loose snow; piles of snow result

snjostormur - wind storm with snow









The weather maps above recorded the changing weather conditions every three hours on July 27th,  the last day of our trip.  I love the simplicity of the design -- the way that the arrows describe the weather patterns and express the tensions of change.  Something to consider.  How might I use arrows to  express changing tensions of shaping, making, unmaking? I've been wanting to make a book on this topic - maybe one with only arrows?


A  Wind Report from Iceland: (From a  conversation taken from facebook  this morning, Aug 5)

22 miles per hour winds. The residency windows are rattling. It is also making a deep base sound on the northern side of the building.

Watch a horror movie.

Fall approaches.

Did you see the auroras?


No way.

I saw them around 2 and called the farm.  Of course they were up and out to look.

But I'm not at the farm anymore!

Can't be everywhere!




But I can watch weather reports from anywhere!