The Infinite Book

The Sometimes Books Gallery presents yet another provocative show entitled, The Infinite Book.  Zea Morvitz, one of the coordinators, wrote "If we can shed our usual association of book with the paper and cloth objects stored in our libraries, and think instead of the book as a medium for recording, storing, and transmitting thoughts, words, images from one person to others now and in the future, we see that the book has taken---and will take an infinite or at least a very large number of forms: from clay slabs, ivory tablets, skin scrolls, engraved stones, to ink on paper, to audio file, to digital image on electronic device, and to forms we have not yet imagined."

"Artist books are visionary creations: books that might have been, books that may be; books that may never be, or may never take any form except as an artist book. Sometimes Books Gallery presents books from the storehouse of infinite possibilities."

I have two works in this exhibit:    Live  2010  and MuseumUn  2006

Live, 2010

Sometimes Books is open Saturdays & Sundays noon to 4pm & by appointment

Eubank Studio: 11101 Highway One, #105, Point Reyes, CA 94956


And this exhibit is running concurrently  with  An Inventory of Al-Mutanabbi Street, an exhibit of artist books and broadsides made in response to the car bombing on Al Mutanabbi Street, a street of booksellers in Baghdad in March of 2007.   It is on view at Gallery Route One, in the same building complex as  the Eubank Studio, site of the Sometimes Books exhibit.