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Talk Back letterpress broadside by Judi Goldberg & Eric Johnson

Once We Knew letterpress broadside by Judi Goldberg

outwith construction by Brooke Holve (from Cuts Make You. exhibition at the Morris Graves Art Museum)

here(t)here: another residency









Since May,  I've been away from my blog.  Back this month to report to you some of my summer and fall activities.


I'm off to Inverness (on Pt. Reyes peninsula in CA) later this month for another artist residency, this one sponsored by the Lucid Art Foundation.  And this time, intentionally close to home, for three weeks, solo without cell coverage and social media. So no reports during my time away but should have something to share upon my return.  Lots of prepping, finding that I will take more than I take to residencies afar and certainly a way to complicate an experience.




When I have traveled to residencies somewhere else,  I am often surprised by what I learn about my home. Three years ago in Iceland, I was awed by its raw landscape that had been shaped by volcanoes, glaciers, weather and its location in the Northern Atlantic. There I realized its connection to California--both lands edging the North American tectonic plate with Iceland on one end and California on the other. I wanted devoted time to experience my own landscape with this in mind.  Inverness, though not situated on the North American plate shares the San Andreas fault which separates the No American from the Pacific.  And like Iceland, its land has been shaped by invisible forces of the earth.  At Inverness, I want to further explore this connection.





I am also interested in exploring place--what it holds and what I carry to it. When I applied for this residency,  I wrote, "Using Inverness as a springboard, I will source possibilities for methods and materials from its history, stories and landscape. I will look at the archival remains--rocks and stones that hold the memory of the geologic forces that shaped the physical terrain. I will walk the terrain, feel its relief and make contour lines as I move through space. I will look at the scratches and markings of the rocks as well as their shapes.  I also will be on alert to ways of letting nature and synchronicity enter into my process. These will be my entry points to a 'process conscious' project working with themes of the archival and ephemeral."

"Language, materials and natural energies of and from the place will inform my process. Like the rocks and stones that reflect frozen moments in a changing landscape over time, I will work towards shaping moments and find ways and forms that express the movements 'between'. "



img005 pic_sanandreasfaultzone_aerial_285x190




"Explorations with Urauchi" at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Silver Spring, Maryland








I have been invited to teach a workshop at the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center outside of Washington DC this summer.  The description of the workshop is online under  "book arts" and you can enroll by visiting:


More about the class:

Explorations with Urauchi

a Japanese method of backing paper to cloth and/or paper

August 8 & 9,  10am-4pm

Urauchi is a procedure of pasting a paper backing onto cloth or paper using only natural fibers. Traditionally, this method was used to mount Asian scrolls and cover books.  Once backed, cloth and paper have more body and strength and are much easier to manipulate. The backing also provides a protective layer and prevents glue from staining the cloth when covering books.

In this workshop, participants will learn the simple procedure.  However, the focus of the workshop will be experimental and hands-on, exploring it as an art medium. On day one, a variety of materials will be sampled, treatments tried, and materials sandwiched between.  On day two, participants will make a sampler book with their experiments.

"A Bed of Verbs" debuts at Codex V

 'Bed' is a charged word; its root, bhedh, means to dig.

A Bed of Verbs, 2014.  A collaboration with artist, Elizabeth Sher. To be shown for its first time at Codex V at the Craneway Pavillion in Richmond, February 8th - 12th.



 A Bed of Verbs, 2014.  Artist Book with Clamshell: digital prints on Moab Entrada 190 and metal coated papers.  5.25 x 9.75 x 1 inches (closed clamshell box)

 I travelled to Iceland with artist, Elizabeth Sher for an artist residency during the summer of 2012. We were awed by what we saw; the geologic wonders and phantasmal forms gave us a glimpse of what the earth might have been like in its beginnings. Iceland was a "land of the verb" with underground rumblings randomly spewing out steam, lava and rocks through pockets in the earth.


A land of forces not seen with verbs to describe it: bhedh, burns, chills, churns, coils, cracks, crusts,  cuts, erupts, oozes, pads, posts, roots, scalds, scrape, spews, sprays, steams










Haystack 'overlooked': Stonington Public Library.

Stonington Public Library.

As a way to process and document my experience at Haystack last summer, I made 3 artist books which I hoped might capture a bit of my time there, the surrounding place as well as experiences in the studio.  The books are a collection of 'sorts'.  They are made from materials that I gathered: book pages from the Deer Isle dump, others from my CA. studio; old Maine maps purchased from Karna's shop in Belfast, ME;  stone images, laser cut and printed onto wood veneer and book pages; milk paint, encaustic wax and coffee sticks from the Haystack dining hall.

stonington Public Library.


Upon reviewing the colophon that I had written, I realized that I had repeated the word, "overlooking" several times.  The word suggested to me that I rethink what I was making.  My direction shifted and the word, "overlook" became a focus.

Definition of "overlook"


These books are a beginning of an exploration of form with the word, "overlook" as a focus.

The Infinite Book

The Sometimes Books Gallery presents yet another provocative show entitled, The Infinite Book.  Zea Morvitz, one of the coordinators, wrote "If we can shed our usual association of book with the paper and cloth objects stored in our libraries, and think instead of the book as a medium for recording, storing, and transmitting thoughts, words, images from one person to others now and in the future, we see that the book has taken---and will take an infinite or at least a very large number of forms: from clay slabs, ivory tablets, skin scrolls, engraved stones, to ink on paper, to audio file, to digital image on electronic device, and to forms we have not yet imagined."

"Artist books are visionary creations: books that might have been, books that may be; books that may never be, or may never take any form except as an artist book. Sometimes Books Gallery presents books from the storehouse of infinite possibilities."

I have two works in this exhibit:    Live  2010  and MuseumUn  2006

Live, 2010

Sometimes Books is open Saturdays & Sundays noon to 4pm & by appointment

Eubank Studio: 11101 Highway One, #105, Point Reyes, CA 94956

 415.669.1380. sometimesbooks@gmail.com

And this exhibit is running concurrently  with  An Inventory of Al-Mutanabbi Street, an exhibit of artist books and broadsides made in response to the car bombing on Al Mutanabbi Street, a street of booksellers in Baghdad in March of 2007.   It is on view at Gallery Route One, in the same building complex as  the Eubank Studio, site of the Sometimes Books exhibit.





In California

Where you currently can view my artwork:

I now have some artwork on consignment at the Kala Art Institute.  If in the area, you may contact Andrea Voinot at Andrea@Kala.org or call her at 510-841-7000 x206.

Also artwork at the

Artifacts of Passage Exhibit:

July 14 - August 28

At Orangeland   1250 Mason Street  San Francisco, 94108

Gallery Hours:  Thurs & Fri  2 - 5,  Sat  11 - 5  email: candaceloheed@comcast.net

*For parking near Orangeland, try Vallejo Street Garage 735 Vallejo or Chinatown Parking 728 Pacific or iPark 1345 Taylor Street



Sometimes Books

Spring  & Summer 2012 Show

Eubank Studio 11101 Hwy 1 Pt. Reyes 94956  Gallery open weekends: 12 - 5

Artwork on view at Orangeland and Sometimes Books: