"A Bed of Verbs" debuts at Codex V

 'Bed' is a charged word; its root, bhedh, means to dig.

A Bed of Verbs, 2014.  A collaboration with artist, Elizabeth Sher. To be shown for its first time at Codex V at the Craneway Pavillion in Richmond, February 8th - 12th.



 A Bed of Verbs, 2014.  Artist Book with Clamshell: digital prints on Moab Entrada 190 and metal coated papers.  5.25 x 9.75 x 1 inches (closed clamshell box)

 I travelled to Iceland with artist, Elizabeth Sher for an artist residency during the summer of 2012. We were awed by what we saw; the geologic wonders and phantasmal forms gave us a glimpse of what the earth might have been like in its beginnings. Iceland was a "land of the verb" with underground rumblings randomly spewing out steam, lava and rocks through pockets in the earth.


A land of forces not seen with verbs to describe it: bhedh, burns, chills, churns, coils, cracks, crusts,  cuts, erupts, oozes, pads, posts, roots, scalds, scrape, spews, sprays, steams










Cuts Make You

I have returned yet my thoughts are still traveling as if I was there. They are blowing around in a way that Icelanders might refer to as blasdur. Blowing and windy.  Nothing like a deadline to determine a tack for a way through my mind.

RiskPress Gallery:

Cuttings  October 4th - 27th

 postcard final 1 copy

Winds are here! And more to come.

During the duration of the exhibit, we (I and those who come to view the exhibit) will make a book. I am currently working on its  design and matrix using letterpress at Iota and digital in my studio.  I enjoy this back and forth way of working which seem  to be feeding on each other.

Letterpress (at Iota Press):

letterpress draft

Digital (at Holve studio):

book making postcard copy

cuttings book 2 copy

500 Handmade Books

I am pleased to announce the inclusion of my artist book, Tangled Dreams in the upcoming Lark Crafts Publication, 500 Handmade Books Volume 2.  Some of you may know that Tangled Dreams is one of several projects on which I collaborated with artist Elizabeth Sher.  The book will be released to the bookstores in  September of 2013. Tangled Dreams, 2012 Artist Book with wrap. 8.25 x 8.13 x .33 inches

Tangled Dreams in Wrap

Tangled Dreams

Tangled Dreams Cover

It started with a rusty bedspring that I found in a barn and took into my studio. I noticed the intriguing patterns of its shadows playing against my studio wall and began taking a series of close-up photographs of them.  This humble beginning led to three series of work: mixed media works on paper, an artist book and a video.

Tangled Dreams is one of six Edition Varie.  The artist book is an accordion fold made with digital images of bedsprings layered and manipulated; the images became the basis for an examination of memory, dreams and loss. The book reflects a range of feelings found in our dreams from twists and turns, to torques, coils and agitated sensations.

Materials for the book include acrylic ink on Moab Entrada Natural 190 lb. rag paper, waxed & stained organza silk and Cave paper.

In Material: E-book

In Material: E-Book

The last few shows that I have posted have come about due to work that I created for the In Material exhibit at Quicksilver Mine Co in Forestville, California last year.  The exhibit featured my work and the work of two other artists, Susan Field and Elizabeth Sher.  We explored materiality through various materials and mediums including stones, book remnants, digital technology and algae.   The e-book documents the exhibit. Take a look.

You can also find a review of this exhibit on the blog of  Satri Pencak, an independent curator in Sonoma County.

In Material blurb book